The Empower Career Success program is our most popular program for employee capability and leadership development.

The aim of the Empower Career Success program is to help people work at their best for the benefit of themselves and of their employer.

It empowers, motivates and builds confidence. It encourages peak performance. It gives people practical tools, techniques and strategies to build careers with clear direction, meaning and purpose.

Participants Will Gain

  • self awareness and a deep understanding of
    their strengths, motivators and detractors
  • ideas to improve their communication
  • understanding the important of a positive work
  • mindset to work at their best
  • long term habits to support goals and aspirations
    a solid, lasting internal network to support their
    career progress and performance
  • increased self confidence in all aspects of their

Your Organisation Will Gain

  • more confident, engaged employees
  • greater loyalty and employee retention
  • reduced hiring and training costs
  • greater employee commitment to company values
  • more collaborative, trusting and productive team work
  • a larger pool of aspiring and prepared new leaders
  • happy, satisfied employees leading to improved innovation and problem solving
  • physically and mentally healthier and resilient workforce
  • employees who are committed to understanding and helping each other at work

Design Features

  • highly interactive and fast paced to maintain
  • uses a variety of adult action based learning
    styles eg. humour, exercises to embed new
    ideas, mind mapping, visual arts, journal
    writing, contemporary concepts on all topics
  • includes videos, podcasts, TED Talks and
    summaries of the latest books on career and
    personal development
  • encourages candid group discussion,
    mentoring, problem solving and support for
    each other


  • Career goals and dreams
  • Career motivation
  • Self-awareness
  • Understanding core strengths and how to use them
  • Flexible communication
  • Boosting self confidence
  • Building relationships and networks
  • Professionally deal with difficult people
  • Calling out behaviours contrary to values
  • Effective communication skills
  • Career, life and health balance
  • Networking skills
  • High performance habits

Apogee Clients

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