Our Approach

When you engage Apogee, you’re bringing in experienced changemakers who are proven to unleash the potential in your people and teams.


Apogee is not restricted to dogmatically follow static models of yesteryear, dictated by administrators removed from the local talent market. We have the freedom to be agile, innovative and bring our considerable personal acumen to the fore to solve even the toughest of people challenges.


We’re not hemmed in by a one-size-fits-all approach. We can tailor our approach and program solutions to best meet your needs. We flex to you rather than you flexing to preconceived ideas, methods and models.


As previous senior leaders in the Western Australian business community, we understand the unique challenges and operating environment of the WA labour market and the personal challenges this can present to the people who work in it. With this innate understanding, our insights and recommendations come to you applied, thorough, effective and built to translate into the dynamics of the local economy.


Our track record speaks for itself, having helped some of the largest and most influential organisations at home and abroad. Our demonstrated outcomes evidence that our process leads to stronger employee engagement and long-term business benefit.

Genuinely Caring

Apogee consultants have a genuine, heartfelt commitment to achieving personal and professional growth outcomes for the people in our care.

We are people centric. When you engage with Apogee you feel a great sense of...


We believe in what is possible rather than what has always been is. Belief in the individual, in the team and in the organisation abounds. Opportunity is there to be grasped.


We’re relatable individuals and clear, compelling communicators. We’ve seen the work we do move the needle in the organisations we’ve helped, so we’re confident but realistic about what we can achieve together.


We’re not a cookie cutter consultancy with scant regard for need and practicality. We apply acumen, insight and experience when drawing on our storied history of helping. We have real world understanding of what works and what doesn’t.


We’re people people. We’ve managed people. We lead people. We’ve inspired people. We’re here to help.