Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching and Mentoring Programs

Professional executive coaching can make a huge difference to your career and leadership success. An experienced coach knows how to empower you to set and achieve specific goals. Your coach supports you throughout the coaching program to stay on track and to address challenges along the way. 

Great coaches have had their own professional career that they can draw on to provide alternative and independent perspectives on specific leadership challenges. We call this mentoring rather than coaching. This sets Apogee’s programs apart from others’ as you are offered both coaching and mentoring.

Your executive coaching program typically consists of six 1.5-hour sessions over a 2–6-month period. They are specifically tailored to suit your needs. Either a DISC or a PRINT diagnostic tool is used for exploring your self-awareness. A strengths-based approach underpins the coaching process as it is proven to yield the greatest results.

Our programs are the most useful for two main leadership levels. 

Mid-level and Aspiring Leaders

Although each program is tailored to specific needs, in most cases they focus on setting and achieving goals related to:

  1. Understanding your strengths to build upon, and your blind spots to address
  2. Recognising your emotions, what they’re telling you and, how they are affecting people around you
  3. Improving problem solving abilities
  4. Strengthening your relationship building and expanding your support network
  5. Delegating with clarity, trust, and empowerment
  6. Focusing on your personal presence, confidence, and energy management

Senior Level Leaders

Although each program is tailored to specific needs, in most cases they focus on setting and achieving goals relating to:

  1. Clarifying your goals and developing strategies to achieve them
  2. Leveraging your existing strengths and addressing growth areas
  3. Inspiring and empowering your team members to problem solve for themselves
  4. Learning new leadership approaches eg mindfulness, neuroscience, curiosity, energy management
  5. Building more productive relationships to help in your career and team leadership
  6. Recognising emotions and what they are telling you and how they are affecting people around you
  7. Strategising ways to enjoy a better work life balance
  8. Managing conflict and competing priorities

Your Executive Coach

Madeleine Long MBA (Distinction), GAICD

Madeleine has a 30-year track record in management positions with multi-national organisations in the financial services, IT, resources and government sectors in Australia and Asia. 

Madeleine spent almost 10 years in Asia, initially as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Asia Pacific, for a Hewlett Packard subsidiary, VeriFone, and then as Singapore Country Head for MasterCard.

Prior to establishing Apogee Global Consulting, Madeleine worked as Executive Director for Tourism WA and then Head of Government for the Commonwealth Bank’s Institutional Banking and Markets division.

As Managing Director of Apogee Global Consulting, Madeleine supports people to reach their potential in the workplace. 

She is an executive coach and mentor to CEOs, board directors and business managers and focuses on male dominated industries.


Neuroleadership Coaching Accredited (ICF)
IECL Executive Coaching Accredited (ICF)
DISC and PRINT diagnostic tools accredited
MBA (with Distinction)

Madeleine has professionally coached people from the following companies:

  • Anglicare
  • Bankwest
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Emerge Marine
  • Fortescue Metals Group
  • GE Baker Hughes
  • Rio Tinto
  • RISE Community Network
  • WA Law Society
  • Water Corporation
  • Western Power
  • Woodside

To discuss your Executive Coaching requirements, contact Madeleine directly:

0418 881 431